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The main motivation of the ContinualAI Unconference is to create an inclusive and sustainable environment where the community will have the space to propose and debate ideas, together with listening to amazing keynotes and panel discussions. Since it is a fully online conference, we expect people worldwide to participate, regardless of time zone.

Following the idea of inclusion, we created a 24-hour program divided into 2 parts, so that people anywhere in the world can follow as completely as possible all the topics included in the conference. Each part will be divided into sessions, with a keynote, talks, posters, and discussion. All this is driven by the community.

The topics and duration of each session will be announced in the near future. However, we aim that both parts of the program will contain roughly the same topics, only the content will differ.

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Schedule of Opening Session, Session 1, Session 2 Schedule of Session 3, Session 4, Session 5 Schedule of Session 6, Session 7, Closing remarks

At a Glance

Program at a glance

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